Scion Films

In addition to the claims against Ingenious Media, Peters & Peters are also representing investors in claims against Scion Films in respect of three film partnerships: Scion Films Premier (First) LP; Scion Films Premier (Second) LP and Scion Films Premier (Third) LP.

Unlike Ingenious, which challenged HMRC’s findings before the FTT, Scion reached a settlement with HMRC in April 2013 which resulted in heavy losses for investors.

Investors are still able to advance legal claims against Scion Films to recover losses that have arisen as a consequence of the Scion Film Schemes despite the early settlement with HMRC. Peters & Peters have secured funding for the claims from an established litigation funder.

There may be a limited window of opportunity to join these claims in order to recover losses. If you wish to join the existing group of investors in the Peters & Peters litigation group at this stage all that is required is that you contact Peters & Peters to discuss your investments in the Scion Films Schemes. Please contact Jonathan Tickner, alternatively use the contact form below if you would like to get in touch for a no obligation conversation.

If you have invested in a film scheme and would like to explore your options with us, please complete the form and we will be in touch.